Welcome to the Town of Hillsborough


Incorporated in 1772, Hillsborough is a Town with an abundant history beginning in the early 18th century. Hillsborough is still today made up of four villages:
  • Hillsborough Bridge Village (which is our downtown)
  • Hillsborough Center
  • Hillsborough Upper Village
  • Hillsborough Lower Village
Though Hillsborough has many hills, it differs from the majority of towns in central and northern New Hampshire because none of the hills have altitudes of sufficient height to be called "mountains." The hills afford all of the advantages of the exhilarating air and picturesque scenery without the usual disadvantages of poor access.

Historical Areas

Stone Arch Bridges

Hillsborough has many attributes to be proud of including two remarkable historic areas in the Center and Lower Villages, Fox Forest, and more preserved stone arch bridges than any other town in New Hampshire. These bridges are registered as historic structures by the Historic American Building Survey, part of the National Park Services. The bridges have also been recognized as a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark, the second in New Hampshire, after the Cog Railway.

Franklin Pierce Homestead

Hillsborough is also the location of the Franklin Pierce Homestead, the birth place of the fourteenth President, and only U.S. President from New Hampshire.

Local Activities

Hillsborough today is a town where you can:
  • Browse for antiques at a number of places
  • Fish for trout or bass
  • Hike trails of a state forest
  • Picnic nearby
  • Soar in a hot-air balloon
  • Swim in any number of cool, clean uncrowded bodies of water