State of the Housing Market

Hillsborough (population about 6000) and Deering (population around 2000) are sister towns - each has their own town government but typical household services like groceries, shopping, restaurants and gas are primarily done in Hillsborough. Geographically, Hillsborough is half way between the State capital, Concord and the City of Keene.

Housing Market Statistic

In 2014, a total of 127 homes sold. The median sales price was about 130,000. It took about 117 days on the market to sell and sold within 5% of asking price. In comparison, in 2015, 151 homes sold a 19% increase. The median home price rose about 15% to about 150,000. It took 107 days to sell within 4% of asking price. In our area as well as nationwide foreclosures played a huge role in real estate prices. It appears they will still be a factor but the newest data show fewer foreclosures are being listed.

Typical Housing Features

Historic Homes

Hillsborough, rich in history, has some historic homes from 1700 and 1800’s and brand new construction. Typically, the historic homes are stick build on roughly an acre or two, 3-4 bedrooms and a single bath, serviced by a private well and septic. Many have been renovated with new kitchens, multi baths and showcase the beauty of beamed ceilings, gunstock posts and marvelous wide pine floors.

Newer Homes

With newer homes 3-4 bedrooms 2+ baths in neighborhoods of similar homes on ¾ to 1 acre size lots is typical. Most homes in Hillsborough area are serviced by wells and private septic. In the town center it is public water and sewer. In Deering, lots are 2 acres or larger and a more rural appeal.

Waterfront Living

Waterfront living is common and sought after. Hillsborough is home to Franklin Pierce Lake, and Deering is home to the Deering Reservoir (not a public water supply) as well as some gorgeous boutique lakes, which Contention Pond is one, in Hillsborough. Lake lots are typically smaller with water frontage 75-100 feet.