Meet the EDC

  1. Robyn Payson

    Community Planning Director
    Phone: 603-464-3877 x227
    Robyn has been the EDC Planning Director from 2012 to the present.  “For more than a decade I have worked with town boards and business people.  I believe that the key to a vibrant atmosphere for business is a fair expedient process.  Communication and an atmosphere of collaboration is the best way to encourage business while respecting the town and preserving a Sense of Place."

  2. Jane Williams

    Chairperson Term - June 2019
    Owner of Manning Williams Agency, I am a REALTOR who joined the EDC to make a positive change in Hillsborough.  The town's strategic location of being halfway between the Capital city, Concord, and Keene, home of Keene State College, made sense that Hillsborough will become the anchor town for employment, retail, eateries and culture for all the surrounding towns. I feel the EDC can bring Hillsborough growth we all can appreciate and make this town even better. 

  3. Douglas Hatfield

    Citizens at Large - Term June 2018
    Doug is active in many non-profit organizations in Hillsborough and brings a wealth of perspective and knowledge to the EDC.  He is a member of the New Hampshire Bar Association and American Bar Association with a long and distinguished history of service to both organizations. He is a member of the New Hampshire Council of School Attorneys, has served on the board of governors of the New Hampshire Bar Association and is a past president of the New Hampshire Estate Planning Council.

  4. Jack Wells

    Citizens at Large - Term June 2018
    Jack brings 42 years of managerial experience as a retired Air Force officer, MBA, and Certified Professional Logistician to the EDC.  He spearheaded the initial testing and evaluation of the Ground Launched Cruise Missile, Joint Stars and other major weapon systems.  He also has experience in energy management and teaching college-level economics.  Jack restored a bankrupt historic building in downtown Hillsborough.  In his words:  "Having witnessed the impact of the 2008 economy on our town, I have a strong commitment for revitalization.   Besides preserving and promoting the historical significance of Hillsborough, I would like to see careful and planned growth which would result in easing the property tax burden for town residents and to bring jobs for our youth.  I would also like to see the town delay an increase in property taxes for up to a five-year period while a business property is being upgraded."

  5. Alan B. Urquhart

    Selectman Ex-Officio
    As a current Selectman for the town of Hillsborough, Alan functions as a liaison between the EDC and town government.   His career background as a Senior Training Officer in probation/parole for the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement and his extensive studies in colonial American history additionally bring a unique perspective to the EDC.

  6. Susanne White

    Alternate - Term May 2019
    Susanne White, a small business owner, is an active member of Hillsborough’s volunteer community.  She serves as President of the Greater Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce and has been a member of the Hillsborough Living History Steering Committee since 2009. Retired from the Administrative Office of the Massachusetts Trial Court where she taught trainers how to deliver training to Trial Court employees, she previously served as Vice-President of the Somerville Community Corporation which is committed to the creation and preservation of affordable housing in Somerville, MA.   Susanne believes collaboration and communication among our town committees and commissions with service and non-profit organizations will move our community towards an environment that improves the circumstances of every Hillsborough resident, business and employee.

  7. Herman Wiegelman

    Planning Board/Water & Sewer Commission

  8. Laura Buono

    Town Administrator

  9. Russell S. Galpin

    Citizen at Large - Term June 2017

  10. Laurel Boivin

    Chamber of Commerce Ex-Officio