Historic and Projected Population Trends

Overall, Hillsborough gained 1,468 residents between 1990 and 2014. Population projections show a slowed rate of growth over the next two decades, and, according to the Office of Energy and Planning’s estimates, a population decrease was experienced in 2014. Hillsborough is projected to gain just over 1,350 residents between 2014 and 2030, a total growth rate of 22.9%.

Hillsborough Population by Age

New Hampshire’s population is growing older, and Hillsborough is no exception. In the past decade, the number of residents forty-five and over has seen a steady increase, compared to the modest changes in the younger population. New Hampshire, along with much of the U.S., experienced a large increase in births due to the baby boom post-World War II. The baby boom now contributes to a larger adult population as baby boomers  start to reach their fifties and sixties. This large age group is also expected to continue to increase as the over sixty-five population grows with aging baby boomers in the next two decades.

Education Attainment

As of 2014, just over 85% of residents in Hillsborough have a high school diploma or higher post-secondary education.  Nationally, New Hampshire is well known for having a high percentage of educated residents. 

Median Household Income

Median Household Income
In 2014, the United States had an estimated median household income of $53,482.00, 23.4% less than New Hampshire’s median household income of $65,986.00. Within the state, trends point towards higher median household income in the southern portion of the state, similar to trends of education attainment and poverty. Hillsborough had a median household income of $55,574.00 in 2014, which was a 24.9% increase from the median household income reported in 2000. 

Percent Below Poverty

Percent Below Poverty
Statewide, poverty levels are highest for children, predominantly in the North Country and along the border with Maine. This is most likely caused by lower education and income levels in these areas.